Petzl SAKA

Petzl SAKA

Цена: 1050 ден.

Chalkbag with ergonomic shape

The SAKA chalkbag's ergonomic shape allows easy access to the chalk. The soft fabric won't cause discomfort when wearing a pack or when your back is against a rock wall. The closure system is efficient, thanks to the cordlock. It can be opened with only one hand should you forget to open it before you start climbing.

The reinforced rim maintains the shape of the bag

The wide, round shape and supple fabric allows for easy access to chalk and is comfortable to use

Elastic brush holder for cleaning holds

Double loops for stability allow easy attachment to a belt or carabiner

Micro-fleece interior liner resists matting and ensures good transfer of chalk to the hand. Soft liner flap prevents accidentally losing chalk

Bag comes with adjustable waistbelt