Beal JOKER 9,1mm Golden Dry 60m

Beal JOKER 9,1mm Golden Dry 60m

Цена: 9400 ден.

The ultimate rope. The latest creation from the BEAL LAB born with the help of the BEAL "Team" climbers. One of only a fews ropes in the world which conform to all 3 dynamic rope norms.

The JOKER is in effect both a single rope half rope and a twin rope rolled into one.

This rope will be loved by climbers who take their hard sends seriously seeking lightness and easy running. More traditional climbers will also find this a Godsend if they seek a multi-purpose rope for ridge routes or classic face routes mixed ice and snow or snow alone.

NOTE: Used as a single stand this very thin rope demands belaying technique adapted to its characteristics and precautions against wear because of its lower abrasion resistance.

Treatment: Dry Cover & Golden Dry

Every sheath on every Beal dynamic rope is given a special treatment to increase its resistance to wear resulting from abrasion; falls; dirt; the wet; and in so doing significantly increasing its active lifetime.

Durable Resistant Yarn Cover chemically coats each filament which is then heat-treated creating an actual shell of polymerised molecules. This shell is in its turn fixed in place by chemical bonding with the molecules of the polyamide. . . resulting in a durable resistant cover on the yarn.

In addition to the performance of DRY COVER BEAL also enhances the durability of the core by another exclusive procedure. Every filament in the strands of the core is coated with a fluoride solution by a continuous process which is then heat-set and polymerised onto the polyamide. Protecting the rope from water absorption eliminates weight increase risk of freezing on cold weather climbs and slows the wearing of the rope considerably.